Thursday, June 27, 2024

Not up for Debate

I'm not sure, to be honest, why the upcoming debate is necessary.  

If at this point you can't tell the difference between Biden and Trump, or are operating under the assumption that they are basically the same person, I just don't know how to help you.

We know what a Biden presidency looks like.  We know what a Trump presidency looks like.

We lived through both.

Biden's presidency has looked more or less normal.  Not perfect, not ideal, but essentially competent.

Trump's presidency?  I mean, y'all were awake then, right?

Trump drove America deeper into debt than any president in history, and that was BEFORE the pandemic.  His handouts to the wealthy weren't matched with a reduction in government spending, so he bankrolled the whole thing using America's dwindling credit.  BEFORE the pandemic.  During the pandemic, he (and both parties, to be fair) just printed money and gave it away, kinda why everything costs more dollars now.  It's almost like we didn't learn the lessons of Weimar Germany.

Trump's leadership was responsible for America having the highest COVID death rate of any developed nation.  If we'd done as well as, say, Germany, which has similar population density and equivalent average wealth, hundreds of thousands of Americans wouldn't have died.  He could have rallied Americans around our duty to one another, and to our nation.  He didn't.  He played to the basest of his base, sabotaged doctors and epidemiologists, and acted as a chaos agent when we most desperately needed clear vision and strategic thinking.

Think of the villainizing of Fauci, for pointed example.  Fauci was fine, right up until he obviously to any sentient being knew more about COVID than Trump.  Trump felt upstaged, his ego was pricked, and all of a sudden, Fauci was a monster in cahoots with the Chinese.  Heck, as far as Trump's base is concerned now, he might even have *made* the virus.  This is Demagogery 101, people. 

Trump was a friend to autocrats and despots, and the enemy of other democracies and republics.  He palled around with monsters.  All the while, he traveled to his own properties around the world, while insisting that the taxpayer foot the bill so his entourage and security could stay on his properties.  Three to six hundred dollars a night, per person?  That adds up.  Foreign powers and agents filled the rooms of the hotel he owned a short walk from the White House.  Politics, after all, can be a lucrative business.

He was the worst sort of boss, the kind of boss who hears nothing but what he wants to hear, who thinks he can do no wrong, who bullies and mocks and belittles all but those who suck up to him.  His "administration" burned through every competent staffer, retaining only those who were either in on the grift, a little crazy, or related to Trump by blood.   

Finally and most notably, Trump refused to accept, and still refuses to accept, the most basic principle of a constitutional republic: free and fair elections.  No election he loses can be fair.  They're all rigged, unless he wins.  Remember how he incited a riot in an attempt to intimidate Congress into abandoning its constitutional duty?  Remember that?  Remember how he had to be forced to concede by the armed forces, who weren't swayed by his lies and conspiracy theories?

Yeah.  Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I don't need to watch the debate.  

That a significant majority of American citizens still do is a marker of our integrity as a republic.