Friday, July 19, 2019

Mercy for the Fool

I dreamed I met a man
A man
With absurd hair
And a false tan

Stuffed clumsy into an ill fitting
Wandering alone
In the abandoned streets
Of a once proud city

The sun beat down
The air thick smothering wet
His face bright red
His awkward suit
Damp with

"I am so hot,"
He said eyes down
to the burning road
"So hot."

And though he was a
and the
King of Fools

I said

I lifted his face to mine and

I said


And I blew soft
On his face
And a cool wind rose
To play through his
Absurd hair
Slicked flat back with sweat

"O God,"
he sighed
Closing his hell-weary eyes

"That feels
So Good."