Sunday, July 15, 2018

How To Kill Whitey in Five Easy Steps: Step 3

3) Whiteness is weak.

The peculiar paradox of "whiteness" is the weakness of that identity.

Here, I'm not talking about the "white fragility" that American leftism uses as part of the counterproductive taunt/shaming protocol that it somehow imagines creates "allies."

You know that drill.  "As a white person, you are responsible for all of the suffering in the world," says the leftist to the hapless honkey.  "You are part of a racist system and your whole life is a fraud.  You should be ashamed."   "But I'm not a racist," says the honkey.  "I find racism horrific, and I've never done anything to..."  "Yes you have.  You're part of that racist system.  You benefit from it. You need to shut up and be ashamed."   "You don't know my life, and the people I care about.  I don't think you have the right to..." says the insulted honkey, their dander now clearly up.  The bolshevik grins. "Oooh, look at you, all mad now!  You're mad because you're so white and fragile.  Racist.  Clearly."

That emotionally and relationally stunted exchange is not the weakness I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the weakness of whiteness in relation to POCkness, the bizarre weakness of white identity as understood in relation to non-whites.  The lie of white supremacy always rested on the prideful assumption that the "white race" was the strongest.  "Whites" were dominant, superior to all other races intellectually, technologically, and morally.

Only there was a significant caveat.

"White" identity couldn't touch another racial category without dying.  If a white person mingled genetically with a non-white, the whiteness of the offspring was annihilated.  They were no longer white.

You'd think it'd be the other way around.  If there were any foundation to "whiteness" in our genetic reality, and it was dominant, then the pernicious fabrication of the one-drop-of-blood concept would be inverted.

"White" would spread virally, drawing more and more into itself like a consuming, insatiable fire.

But the lie of whiteness always worked the other way.  When you mingle "white" identity with "colored" identity, it is destroyed.  And not even in the way of a recessive gene, where it might pop up again from time to time.  The best that you get in that circumstance, under the old horror of the lie of race, is someone who "passes as white."  They're not actually white.  They're a dodecaroon, or some similarly preposterous term.

And so integrated into this supposedly "superior" race was the terror of contagion, the fear of the corrupting influence of that which was Other and alien and poison.  This was not a rational fear.  Nor was it a fear based in any genetic or cultural truth.

"White" identity creates the kind of fear, rage, and resentment that rises when you are trying to justify a lie you have integrated into your sense of self.

Because, again, the very idea of "whiteness" is false and insane.

And so terribly, terribly weak.

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