Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Evangelical Prayer for Wisconsin

Dear Father God, I just want to praise You for Your glory today!

I just feel so blessed to have such an awesome life, and for giving me a heart to praise you!  I know that it is just because you are such an awesome God!  I have a special prayer I'd like to offer up today, because it's just on my heart so much, and I'm just a little sad.

I'd just like to pray for those Sikh people who all got shot in Wisconsin.  It's just so terrible, and their family and friends all seem so sad and kind.   It is so hard to have your dad die like that, Father God.  I know it would make me sad, and it would be just so horrible to have your life end so early.  I know it was like so horrible when Taylor's dad died, and she was so sad.  He loved her so much, even if he wasn't a believer.

So today I just have a heart to pray about them having to go to hell because they are unbelievers, Father God.

I mean, Father God, it isn't like they hated or hurt or killed anybody, like that horrible man who shot them.  They weren't mean, any more than anyone else.  They weren't evil, I don't think.  They don't seem any different from the Christian people I know.

Is it a sin for me to feel that, Father God?

I know what Pastor says every Sunday, about how we're all evil, and that every sin is the same, and about how we're all sinners deserving of your wrath, and how we have to reach out to the lost unbelievers or they'll never be worthy know You.  I know how we all need to be washed in the blood of the Lamb, especially because we sing that Nothing but the Blood song, and it's just so anointed and awesome, because You are an awesome God!

I guess that I should listen to Pastor, Father God, shouldn't I?  He tries so hard.  But it still makes me sad.  I mean, how could I ever talk to their families about You and the Gospel and the love of Jesus if all I could say was "Too bad, sorry, they're in hell now?"  That wouldn't be loving, even if it was true.

Pastor says some truths are hard.  But this sits in my heart of prayer and just feels hard.

But maybe it doesn't have to be true, Father God?

Because You're so awesome, Father God, can You just maybe not send them to hell forever...or maybe not at all?

It seems like You could, Father God, especially because You're Sovereign and Mighty to Save!  So maybe you could save them?   And you're so loving and you gave us Jesus not because You were mad but because You loved us so much!  And the anointing of the Holy Spirit is just so comforting, and I remember that the Spirit is called the Comforter somewhere, and there's that thing about love being the most important thing that I heard at cousin Emma's wedding, and it was just so great!

So I know I'm totally a sinner too, Father God, but could You just maybe anoint them with Your love and power, and be with them in Your glory?  

I talked to Taylor about this, which You know because You know my heart, but I want to tell You anyway.   She said she would pray it too, and like Jesus said, if two of us ask together You'll really hear us, Father God!

I love You and Jesus so much for all You've done for us!  So maybe could You just please show all those Sikh people that You love them, and hold them in Your arms and comfort them, and help me do the same?  

That would just be so awesome!  And You are an awesome God!

Thank You so much for Your amazing love and sovereign power, Father God, in the Blessed Name of Jesus, Amen!