Saturday, December 5, 2009

Once Again, I'm Reminded What A Flake I Am

There's a nice little article on the impact of recent astronomy on cosmology in the WaPo Mag this weekend by Joel Achenbach, with many pretty Hubble pictures of starfields and nebulae and galaxies and the like.

It also wanders into some semi-deep musings about the nature of being and the universe, particularly around the question of the foundation of all existence. In discussing the marvelously intricate physics that makes the interwoven structures of our spacetime possible, Achenbach notes that this marvelous mathematical/chaotic mix seems to give cause to folks who believe in intelligent design. As it does for me.

But he also talks a wee bit about the possibility of multiple universes, a staple of modern speculative cosmology. He writes:
We've wandered deep into the territory of faith. For many religious people, the idea of multiple universes, with only some of them giving rise to life, is never going to be as satisfactory as the idea of a universe governed by an all-powerful and loving creator.
Why can't one believe in a Creator whose Creation extends beyond the bounds of our spacetime to the infinite panoply of all possible being? Am I the only person who feels this? It does seem so.

Ah well.

I guess I'm not "many religious people."