Monday, April 2, 2007

Deliver Us All

As we move into the Christian Holy Week, we're also entering the Passover Season. Being the good goyische dad that I am, I sat down with the boys and Rache this last week and re-watched "Prince of Egypt," which--notably by Bible Movie Standards--actually doesn't bite. Yeah, it gets a wee bit Broadway now and again, but it tends to be creative, thoughtful and nuanced, while remaining essentially true to the Exodus story. It has very few Hallmark Movie of the Week moments, although I did hear that Sarah Gilbert provided voicework for a young camel that didn't make it into the final edit.

I really enjoy the opening's such an elegantly edited and constructed introduction. I watched it on YouTube, which lead me to something that struck me.

After watching the English version, I watched the Hebrew version. Then the German version (some deep, strange spiritual resonances there). Then the Spanish. The French. The Greek. Korean. Thai. There are others, many others. What leapt out at me intensely as I watched the same music and story unfold in a dozen different tongues was the depth of our human yearning for the story of deliverance. For all of the radical difference in our cultures, I think the cry for a shepherd or a deliverer is a universal. It's a shared experience, whether we're trapped in a society that politically or materially oppresses, or if we live in a culture "rich in things, but poor in soul."